Staying Updated

In the case of game cancellation during the week, the AD (and perhaps the booster club) will send out emails to subscribers. Coaches will text parents and players and update our Twitter. Same on weekend except no email from the AD. 

With practice changes or cancellations, coaches will texts parents and players and then update Twitter.

Should a player need to switch teams, the coaches will make every effort to text and email the player and his family at least a day in advance.    

Less time-sensitive information comes in two forms:

Program updates via booster club emails, the booster club website, our blog, our Twitter, and coach emails and texts. 

Freshman updates via our blog, our twitter, and coach emails and texts. 


  • Sign up for Email Alert through the athletic director’s office at the athletics page.
  • Sign up for booster club emails at the booster website
  • Follow the freshman Twitter @bhsfreshtryouts.
  • Make sure you’ve accurately entered your contact information in the Google Doc emailed to you on 3/11. 

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