Error and Water Show: 2016 Froph Baseball Finale

All good seasons must come to an end but not before some bad plays are atoned for. Our spring was defined by camaraderie and cohesiveness, as we supported one another pitch by pitch, picking up a teammate whenever he goofed, especially if that goof made a difference in whether we won or lost. Perhaps to a fault. We encouraged one another to bounce back and grow, and we extended mercy when a darker part of us wanted vengeance. Well, maybe not vengeance. But sometimes, in a totally harmless and boyish and reasonable way that we would never act upon, we wanted to throw something at the culprit. So to conclude our Froph season and prove we’re far from sainthood, we chose to bond a final time by reenacting our errors in the crosshairs of a water-balloon firing squad. Even the coach had to pay for his mistakes….