Coaching Core and Parent Expectations

Coaching Core

Apart from ensuring player safety and supporting academic performance, the coaching staff has four primary responsibilities that will shape all decisions on and off the field throughout the season.

  • Create an ecosystem in which players can develop and increasingly value character, self-motivation, team interdependence, and leadership of peers in goal-oriented activities.
  • Augment and refine each player’s baseball skill set and game knowledge through instruction and other team activities.
  • Craft a culture in which discovering, defining, and laboring through constructive challenges is integral to relationships and success.
  • Sharpen the first three objectives through an explicit and unequivocal valuation of performance and winning.

For Parents

The freshman coaching staff is excited to have you enfolded in the BHS baseball family and humbled by your service to and sacrifice for your children’s athletic careers to this point. We know that continuing to ween the boys from your advocacy to their own will be at times unnatural, nerve-wracking for both parents and players, and best accomplished with our grace and patience as coaches. We have few illusions about the complexities of this transition, but this transition nonetheless sits at the leading edge of our mission at the freshman level.

Any discussion about a player and his team assignment, place in the lineup, academic performance or eligibility, etc., must include that player. There will be no exceptions, and parent emails that open with praise of team success and overall approval only to shrewdly transition to thinly veiled complaints about how a particular player is being misused on the field with promises of brownies as a postscript will be discarded just the same as more direct emails. The coaches remain available for almost any type of conversation, provided the right parties are present.

Keep in mind that even well-intentioned remarks challenging the coaches’ decision-making or competence can confuse players and diminish team cohesion. We as coaches accept our fallibility, understand that a plurality of opinion is normal and healthy, and desire no formal or informal role as the thought police. However, as our authority is undermined, even by (or especially by) a thousand subtle jabs in the privacy of home, we lose our effectiveness at serving your children. Our primary bias is the welfare, meaningful participation, and success of all players, even if tough decisions that advantage some players over others must be made to keep the baseball machine going.    

Thanks again for joining our baseball family and all your support to this point!



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