Tryout FAQ! Read before February 29!

What’s the official tryout schedule?

Click here for the most up-to-date version of the freshman tryout schedule. Coaches may divide tryout sessions into smaller groups of players and shorter sessions to better evaluate everyone. Any adjustments to start and end times will be within the blocks on the attached schedule and communicated to players as soon as we’ve made them. This website as well as our Twitter account (bhsfreshtryouts) will reflect changes, and you should expect an updated schedule to be published here during tryouts. Cuts will be finalized and shared in private with each player immediately after school on Friday.

What must I do before tryouts start?

You must provide the athletic director’s office with documentation of a physical within the last calendar year. The office, which is located down the hall from the wrestling gym, will then provide you with a colored photocopy to be submitted to the coaching staff before tryouts begin. NO PAPERWORK, NO PARTICIPATION. Failure here is an unfortunate way to become memorable in a sea of hungry and detail-oriented players eager to jump past you. Those who’ve played another sport this school year must also submit a colored copy.

What should I wear? What equipment should I bring?

Wear a shirt or jersey with your name in large print so we can identify you. Baseball pants and a baseball cap are required, as are athletic shoes suitable for indoor use. If by some miracle we end up outside, we’ll be on the field turf, where indoor shoes will suffice. Be sure to pack long sleeves and many warm layers in your baseball bag in case this miracle occurs. Bring a fielder’s glove and whatever other equipment you use, especially catching gear if you have a recent history at that position. We’ll have bats and batting helmets available for use for those who do not already own them. Catching gear can be stored in Coach Wire’s classroom (E254) during the school day.

Where should I report each day?

Unless otherwise instructed, outside the main gym ten minutes before the scheduled start of that day’s tryout session. Listen for updates at the conclusion of practice, check the Twitter account (bhsfreshtryouts) daily, and stay in touch with other players in the know to help stay on top of things.

What’s the objective of tryouts?

To select two teams’ worth of freshman players capable of joining and enriching the BHS baseball tradition of on- and off-field excellence. It’s a storied program, and we love building membership.

Who will evaluate me?

You can expect to be evaluated by coaches from every level of the program. If you’re near a coach, he’s likely forming an opinion about your baseball skill set and your character, both of which importantly factor into your chances of winning a roster spot. Remain focused and hustle during and between drills, minimize non-baseball conversation with classmates, and observe and learn from others as they receive valuable feedback from coaches and upperclassmen. Mistakes do happen, so don’t let nerves win the day. Perfection, or even near-perfection, isn’t a requirement for making a team–or coaching it, thankfully.

If I make a team, will I know which team on Friday?

Probably not. Coaches have no interest in rushing decisions, especially when they’re hard to make. Dividing the larger group into two rosters without outdoor practice time and intrasquad games under our belt is a recipe for regret–for all parties. If the weather’s sour up to our first few games, it’s possible that rosters will remain fluid weeks after tryouts. Even deep into the season with blue skies overhead and green grass underfoot, it’s conceivable that some players will move from one team to another. Such are the regrettable frustrations of building a meritocracy. The coaching staff will communicate all roster changes clearly and in a timely manner.

I think you should know more about me. Can I share my baseball bio including old stats, names of teams I’ve played for, accolades, etc.?

Sure. Email the coaches whatever information you deem important. What you share won’t affect your odds of making a team, but the coaches will read whatever you write and enjoy the opportunity to get to know you a little better, so don’t hold back. Getting to know each other is a big part of the fun, and we do value your history in this great game.

The coaching staff appreciates your patience and understanding as it labors through what often proves to be the most gut-wrenching part of the season. The consequences of these decisions are real, but so is our empathy. Don’t be afraid to reach out as we try to get things right.   


Kyle Flubacker & Hagop Soulakian



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