Welcome! Two Days and Counting….

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in playing baseball for BHS. I played baseball for BHS once upon a time (when dinosaurs roamed and ruled the earth), and those were some of the happiest and most meaningful years of my life, which in no small part explains my decision to return as a coach a few years ago. I didn’t think it possible to deepen my feelings for the program, but the sands of time have made my second tenure even more meaningful.

This upcoming week is always the most challenging of the season for me and the other coaches, however. A lot of tough decisions need to be made, and there’s no sugar-coating the reality that most years there aren’t enough spots for everyone. Just as you’ll show up and give your best in each drill, we’ll do our best to evaluate your skill set as objectively as possible while we consider the countless other variables of building a team that can excel on and off the field.

Before we begin that process, though, we want you to show up informed and prepared. Please take a moment to read the tryout FAQ. It contains valuable information about gear to bring, proper attire for practice inside and outside, where to report each day, submitting paperwork for your physical, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s best if a parent and player read this information together and, obviously, before Monday.

Also review the tryout schedule, which will probably change throughout the week. In years past, we’ve split players into smaller groups and then held shorter sessions within the larger scheduled blocks on the initial schedule. In such a case, players will be notified at the end of practice, and I’ll update our Twitter (@bhsfreshtryouts) and our blog schedule accordingly. Note that the schedule currently includes time on the field turf (varsity football field) in the evening, but there’s almost no chance we’ll utilize those blocks. If on account of unexpectedly wonderful weather we do decide to go outside, we’ll try to give everyone at least a day’s notice. If there’s any confusion about practice location or anything else baseball related, you can reach out to me by email at kflubacker@gmail.com or phone at 708.856.5226. Leaving comments on the blog works too. 

That’s about it! Nerves are normal, as are mistakes, so don’t worry about being perfect or even close to it. The nice thing about four days of evaluation is that there should be more than enough time to get to know you well enough to make the right decision. Hopefully that helps take the edge off things.

We’ll see you soon.


Bronco Pride,


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