Our Daily DNA

Serve One Another

  • A player’s fully orbed definition of success must include the success of his teammates.
  • Conscientious teammates better one another through daily accountability on small and large, important and unimportant tasks.
  • An other-oriented practice partner remains focused and engaged when assisting a teammate in drills.
  • Constructive feedback and face-to-face, tactful criticism are healthful and expected ways of speaking when working toward a shared goal.
  • Connected teammates thirst for opportunities to pick up a struggling teammate on or off the field.

Study the Game

  • A smart player understands the proper techniques or skills for a whole range of baseball situations.
  • Heady ballplayers avoid thinking of knowledge as a pass-fail distinction and instead continuously strive to deepen whatever knowledge they do have.
  • Learners shamelessly seek those who know more and ultimately enjoy the company of and conversation with experts.  
  • Experts become experts only by confessing the limits of their knowledge countless times along the way.

Strive (for Greatness)

  • Ascendant ballplayers develop and depend on self-motivation rather than the herd instinct, especially when social and peer pressures to do otherwise are greatest.
  • Successful players expect and are willing to invest time and energy beyond the traditional practice and game schedule to reach their goals, even when successful teammates aren’t.
  • A realistic, detailed vision of greatness organizes a player’s efforts and offers a revitalizing lifeline when motivation momentarily dries up.
  • Passion is not often natural or comfortable; passion is a choice and series of actions that propel a player through discomfort and give meaning to what would otherwise seem boring or purposeless.     

Savor the Spoils

  • Success can visit anyone, but success is more likely to make a home among those who can receive it with a glad heart.
  • Experiencing growth as a reward is an end in itself.
  • Enjoying personal or team growth and “victories” makes someone sensible not soft.
  • Baseball is bigger and older than all of us…and pretty awesome. We’ll act accordingly.

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