Tryout Schedule

Please note that this schedule is subject to change throughout the week. Coaches will communicate changes to players at practice and update the team Twitter (bhsfreshtryouts) and this blog as soon as is feasible. If there’s confusion about what information is good information or you need additional clarification about directive given to your children, please email Kyle at or Hagop at

Freshman tryouts: Unless otherwise instructed by a coach, report outside main gym 10 minutes before practice starts!
Monday 29-Feb 3- 6PM 5 – 7 PM*
Tuesday 1-Mar 3 – 6 PM 5 – 7 PM*
Wednesday 2-Mar 3 – 4:30 PM 5 – 7 PM*
Thursday 3-Mar 3- 6PM 5 – 7 PM*
Friday 4-Mar 3 – 4:30PM (CUTS)

*Turf time only if weather permits.

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